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Plastic random tower packing is extensively used in corrosive environments with low to moderate operating temperatures. It is primarily employed in scrubbing, absorption, stripping and heat transfer applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Plastic Tower Packing Do You Sell?

Plastic random packing is a durable and cost-effective solution for various business needs. MACH Engineering offers a diverse array of plastic random tower packing options, including:

  • Jaeger Tri-Packs®: Tri-Packs boast a high active surface area and incorporate unique struts, drip rods and ribs to ensure uniform liquid distribution across the bed.
  • MACH Mini Ring Packing: Our mini rings are designed for high-capacity uses. Our mini ring packing minimizes pressure drop, supports smaller tower diameters and provides reliable mechanical strength.
  • Plastic Pall Rings: Featuring a long cylindrical shape with large windows and multiple crossbars, these rings disrupt liquid flow efficiently while maintaining durability and stability in harsh conditions.
  • Maspac: Engineered for heavy liquid and gas flows, Maspac offers a large surface area for enhanced contacting efficiency, coupled with low-pressure drops and high resistance to harsh environments.
  • Hiflow® ring: With a cylindrical shape and open structure, Hiflow® rings combine high mechanical stability with low weight and exceptional capacity for high gas and liquid flow rates.
  • Plastic Super Saddles: Our plastic Super Saddles feature an arched shape with small openings and outer ridge corrugations to promote fluid passage and minimize pressure drop.
  • Plastic structured packing: Offering benefits such as lower cost, density and corrosion resistance, our plastic structured packing ensures high efficiency in various applications.
What Are The Material Types I Can Buy Plastic Packing In?

Our plastic random packing is available in various materials, varying with the product selection. Possible materials include:

  • Corzan® (CPVC)
  • Kynar® (PVDF) 
  • Teflon® (PFA)
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)

Each material has different properties making it suitable for various applications. As an example, PFAs typically offer a higher operating temperature than options like PP.

What Are Common Applications for Plastic Tower Packing?

Plastic random tower packing is used across a variety of applications, such as:

  • Absorbers: Remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or scrub fumes and control odors and air pollution. Plastic tower packing can also assist with chlorine and chlorine dioxide absorption.
  • Degassing: Plastic tower packing products enable decarbonization to remove carbon dioxide from liquid and gas streams. Your operations can also use this packing option for deaeration, which enables dissolved gases like oxygen to release and escape liquid.
  • Liquid extraction: Use plastic tower packing to facilitate the separation of components in a liquid based on properties like chemical makeup or solubility. 
  • Water treatment: Treat wastewater or prepare drinking water for use. Plastic tower packing materials can aerate water and strip contaminants and impurities from liquid to improve its quality. 
  • Heat transfer: Raise water content in the air by promoting evaporation with tower packing, or remove moisture through condensation and absorption.

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