Ceramic Random Tower Packing

Ceramic tower packing has gained popularity across various applications such as scrubbing towers, absorbing columns, cooling towers and more. Due to their heat- and acid-resistant abilities, ceramic tower packing products are commonly used in high-temperature or corrosive environments, where the chances of acid corrosion are relatively high. MACH Engineering offers diverse ceramic tower packing solutions tailored to your business needs. Our ceramic tower packing is well-suited for industries including chemical processing, petrochemicals, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and acid plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Advantages of Ceramic Tower Packing?

Ceramic random packing presents several benefits, such as distillation, absorption and stripping. Here are some advantages of utilizing ceramic random tower packing:

  • High chemical resistance: Ceramic random packing displays exceptional resistance to chemical corrosion and can endure various acids, bases and solvents. This makes ceramic random packing favorable in harsh process environments that other materials might not handle. Our random tower packing boosts chemical stability, rendering it resistant to inorganic and organic acid corrosion, except from hydrofluoric acid.
  • High-temperature resistance: Ceramic random packing is resistant to thermal shock, enabling it to withstand high temperatures without deformation or corrosion. Our ceramic random packing is well-suited for high-temperature processes prevalent in petrochemical industries. 
  • Easy installation: Ceramic random packing is straightforward to install and is available in various sizes. 
  • Long life span: Certain ceramic random packing materials can endure for many years, reducing the need for frequent replacement and maintenance. Ceramics are relatively cost-effective to produce and can effectively withstand chemical stresses.
What Types of Random Tower Packing Do You Sell?

Ceramic random packing is a highly durable and affordable choice for your business needs. MACH Engineering has a few ceramic random tower packing options, such as:

  • Ceramic Super Saddles: MACH Engineering Ceramic Super Saddles random packing features an arched shape with ridged walls on either side. This ridged configuration renders them suitable for applications requiring enhanced flow and gas-liquid transfer, which is crucial for absorption extraction processes. The smooth surface of our Ceramic Super Saddles contributes to their resistance to harsh chemicals.
  • Ceramic Raschig Rings: MACH Engineering manufactures Ceramic Raschig pall rings that are designed to facilitate gas and liquid flow in various applications. Ceramic pall rings offer good mechanical strength combined with a non-porous surface. Being inert and iron-free, ceramic rings resist rusting or reacting when exposed to harsh chemicals.
Are There Benefits of Working With You?

MACH Engineering is an industry leader in North and South America, specializing in high-performance air and water emission control vessels, odor control systems and wastewater treatment solutions. We collaborate with clients across diverse sectors, ranging from petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, refineries and food processing facilities. MACH Engineering ensures competitive pricing, customizable designs, quality engineering and guaranteed material integrity. 

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