Tower Packing

Tower Packing

MACH Engineering offers a variety of tower packings and column internals. With MACH’s random packing, capacity increases can be achieved without sacrificing efficiency at competitive prices. To provide the most efficient packing, we design our products around a set of interrelated performance goals. Our process engineers can help you optimize performance in new or existing towers by assisting in the selection of the most efficient scrubber packing media and internals for your specific application.

With a history of designing and engineering tower packing media, MACH Engineering is a longstanding partner to demanding clients across the country. Random tower packing is one of our largest product verticals, and we offer an extensive selection of custom and semi-custom products.


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Our Products

Our tower packing products support a wide range of industrial processes and applications. Options include:

  • Tri-Packs®: One of our most popular products, Tri-Packs are a high-performance random packing material suitable for use in scrubber, degasifier and stripper applications.
  • MACH Mini Rings: Cylindrical MACH Mini Rings have linear internal braces and a low height-to-diameter ratio that ensures even flow and better gas/liquid contact.
  • Plastic Pall Rings: Plastic Pall Rings have been a mainstay in tower packing for more than 40 years. We offer our products — an improvement on the original Raschig ring design — in a variety of polymers and sizes to support different applications.
  • Metal Pall Rings: Metal Pall Rings provide improved corrosion resistance and better performance in high-temperature applications. Various stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum options are available.
  • Ceramic Pall Rings: Ceramic Pall Rings are thicker than their plastic counterparts and offer better absorbing efficiency.
  • Maspac: Maspac is a high-performance packing with a unique shape engineered to reduce pressure drops when handling very high liquid and gas flows. Our product preserves this original design, enabling excellent gas-liquid contact efficiency with minimal blower requirements.
  • Ceramic super saddles: Similar to competitors’ products but with a wider surface area, our ceramic saddle tower packing media improves mass transfer and efficiency while still offering a low price point. MACH also offers plastic saddle packing.
  • MACH Corrugated structured packing: Corrugated structured packing consists of specially designed metal sheets that promote gas-liquid contact. Our corrugated packing is ideal for separations with a large number of theoretical stages or a wide operating range.
  • Knitted wire structured packing: Our knitted wire structured packing has minimal HETP requirements that enable lower tower heights while still delivering high separation efficiency and lower pressure drop.
  • VSP®: VSP, or Arch Ring, is a type of random tower packing with a spherical shape and good surface-area-to-void-space ratio. It can provide efficient liquid-gas mixing with no risk of nesting.
  • Interpack®: Interpack metal conjugate rings combine the performance characteristics of spherical and cylindrical tower packing media. Use them in towers with higher bed heights that would be subject to deformation and pressure drop with other media.
  • Metal saddle rings: Our metal saddle rings offer similar performance in high-capacity applications to comparable competitor alternatives.
  • MACH Hi-Rings: Our Hi-Rings are widely used in chemical, oil and gas, alkali chloride and environment applications. They offer low specific gravity, large void space, and high mechanical strength.
  • MACH Super Rings: Our version of the Super-Ring, MACH Super Rings feature an open design with many contact points to promote homogenous gas and liquid distribution. Use them in a wide range of mass transfer and heat transfer applications.
  • MACH Bio-Media: Our Bio-Media are made of recycled polypropylene and enhance the efficiency of the water treatment process.
  • MACH Cascade Bio-Media: These Bio-Media are excellent for partial and total trickline filter processes for wastewater treatment.

We’d be happy to work with you to identify the best tower packing options for your project — whether you’re retrofitting an existing vessel or building something new. Contact us to request a consultation today.


MACH Engineering

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