Tower Internals

Tower Internals

MACH can offer tower internals in various styles and materials, including exotic alloys ceramic, graphite, plastics and stainless steel. We take special care in designing liquid and vapor distributors to provide uniform distribution to the packed bed and pay special attention to process considerations such as fouling and foaming. Our process engineers can help you optimize performance in new or existing towers by assisting in the selection of the most efficient internals for your specific application.

Liquid Distributor Orifice

Liquid Distributor LDT – Trough

Liquid Distributor LDL – Ladder

Liquid Distributor LDS – Spray

Liquid Redistributor CRO – Orifice

Liquid Collector CTD – Draw OFF

Gas Distributor - Sparger

Packing Support PSM - Multi-Beam

Packing Support PSG – Grid

Bed Limiter BLG – Grid

Mist Eliminator MEM – Mesh

Mist Eliminator MEC – Chevron

MACH Engineering is a longstanding expert in chemical process tower internals, offering a range of custom and semi-custom products that can be designed to your specifications. Let us work with you to find solutions that are appropriate for your business — follow the links below to explore our capabilities, or contact us directly to request a quote.

Our Products

We work with a wide range of materials to engineer custom tower internals for optimal performance in new and existing vessels. Our products include:

  • Liquid orifice distributors: Orifice pan distributors allow gas to pass through a series of risers while liquid flows through holes in the pan floor. We do not recommend using this type of distributor in fouling applications.
  • Liquid trough distributors: Trough distributors use a parting box to divert liquids into different laterals. A tower between 3 to 8 feet tall will typically require one parting box — multiple boxes are stackable for use in larger vessels. This option is suitable for high liquid rate and fouling applications.
  • Liquid ladder distributors: Lateral pipe distributors are pressure-driven distributors that send liquid through a series of metering orifices in the branch pipes. Typical applications include scrubber and stripper services with moderate to high liquid rates.
  • Liquid spray nozzle distributors: Spray nozzle distributors help ensure uniform pattern distribution in towers with short bed heights. They’re ideal for heat transfer and refinery applications.
  • Liquid collector-redistributor orifices: Collector-redistributors install under a packed bed section to collect liquid and help with mixing and redistribution. A series of caps or hats prevents water from bypassing the collector.
  • Liquid draw-off collectors: MACH Engineering liquid draw-off collectors are versatile and customizable depending on an application’s requirements. Options include tall vapor risers for retaining large holdup volumes and downpipes for use with one or more sump.
  • Gas distributor spargers: Spargers deliver a uniform distribution of a vapor feed across a tower area. Install them at the vessel bottom to save tower height compared to an elbow-down vapor inlet, or between beds to promote better mixing with the vapor feed below.
  • Multi-beam packing supports: Multi-beam packing supports install on a ledge to provide support for tower packing. They can be further augmented with structural beams to ensure adequate capacity for both the packing and liquid hold-up.
  • Packing support grids: Plastic, metal or FRP grids are our most economical packing support solution. Use them for low to medium gas loading. They can also double as bed limiters.
  • Bed limiter grids: Limiters prevent packing beds from moving and maintain a level surface on top. Our products install directly on the tower walls or sit freely on the packing itself.
  • Mesh mist eliminators: Mist eliminators help remove liquid droplets from a vapor stream, improving purity, preventing equipment damage and reducing air pollution. Our mesh-type eliminators are available in metal or plastic and in a range of configurations.
  • Chevron/Vane Type mist eliminators: Chevron mist eliminators deliver more reliable performance in high-velocity and high-capacity applications, particularly those where a mesh-type product would clog easily.

Our engineers would be happy to work with you and determine the best selection of packed tower internals for your application. To learn more about your options, reach out to us now.

MACH Engineering

MACH Engineering