Tower Internals

Tower Internals

MACH can offer tower internals in various styles and materials, including exotic alloys ceramic, graphite, plastics and stainless steel. We take special care in designing liquid and vapor distributors to provide uniform distribution to the packed bed and pay special attention to process considerations such as fouling and foaming. Our process engineers can help you optimize performance in new or existing towers by assisting in the selection of the most efficient internals for your specific application.

Liquid Distributor Orifice

Liquid Distributor LDT – Trough

Liquid Distributor LDL – Ladder

Liquid Distributor LDS – Spray

Liquid Redistributor CRO – Orifice

Liquid Collector CTD – Draw OFF

Gas Distributor - Sparger

Packing Support PSM - Multi-Beam

Packing Support PSG – Grid

Bed Limiter BLG – Grid

Mist Eliminator MEM – Mesh

Mist Eliminator MEC – Chevron

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