MACHFLAKE Random Packing

MACH Engineering’s inventory of random packing solutions includes snowflake-style random packing. This option offers benefits like improved energy consumption and fewer liquid holdups while maintaining high efficiency. Random MACHflake packing is especially valuable in delivering the chemical separation or contact you expect with the capacity levels you need.

Overview of MACHFlake Packing

MACHflake random packing delivers a more affordable solution for many separation needs than structured packing. It also features several distinguishing characteristics, including a distinct shape, high-quality construction and exceptional performance.


MACHflake random packing takes its name from a unique center shape featuring six interconnected sides and a staggered, multilayer plan. With this two-layer approach, cross-distribution allows for faster liquid dispersion. This distinctive design also enhances the packing’s strength, making it ideal for deeper beds and achieving absorption via multiple surfaces.

Construction Material

Our MACHflake packing choices are made of commercial-grade polypropylene for longer life spans. The plastic also boasts a high level of resistance to multiple chemicals, moisture, electricity and impact. Additionally, polypropylene is lightweight and allows for frictionless movement and settling.

High Performance

MACHflake packing offers increased efficiency at low-liquid and high-liquid volumes allowing organizations with new installations to choose smaller towers. The sturdy construction and distinct shape also promote less back-pressure and high mass transfer to reduce energy consumption.


Benefits of MACHflake Packing

MACHflake packing delivers a range of unique benefits in addition to its high performance, including:

  • High porosity: The design, featuring multiple openings for better fluid flow, also incorporates a higher void volume to support fewer pressure drops.
  • High capacity: MACHflake packing supports mass transfer by providing greater surface area for liquid spread, thus creating higher efficiency as well.
  • Reduced pressure drop: Lower pressure drops mean less energy must be consumed to maintain desirable levels. This advantage is especially valuable for operations involving compressors and blowers where pressure is essential for high-quality results.
  • Heat resistance: MACHflake packing offers exceptional heat resistance making it suitable for high-heat applications, such as cooling towers.
  • High flooding point: Excess liquid in the packed tower can lead to significant pressure drops and separation inefficiencies. MACHflake packing provides a high flooding point to mitigate these risks.
  • Uniform distribution: Random packing distributes the filtering product in unstructured approaches but achieves a uniform liquid-gas distribution for more effective separation.
  • Corrosion resistance: MACHflake packing is chemically inert which allows for higher corrosion resistance thus reducing replacement needs.

MACHflake Packing Applications and Performance Examples

Snowflake equivalent packing is valuable in various industrial and environmental applications, ranging from general stripping and scrubbing to more specific uses.

General Stripping and Scrubbing

Steam strippers and scrubbers are essential for removing harmful volatile organic compounds and other undesired constituents through effective contact between scrubbing media and the stream. MACHflake packing is ideal for emergency scrubbers and halogen-related processes due to the packing’s enhanced performance.

Other common scrubbing applications include:

  • Carbon dioxide absorption.
  • Fume scrubbing.
  • Hydrogen sulfide removal.
  • Chlorine dioxide removal.

Additional Applications

MACHflake packing is common in specific industrial applications, including:

  • Chemical processing, especially those producing bromine and chlorine.
  • Seawater desulfurization.
  • Gas-liquid separation.
  • Hydrogen chloride absorption.
  • Metallurgy.
  • Demineralized water and acid storage.
  • Air separation.
  • Water cooling.
  • Chlorine drying.
  • Humidification and dehumidification.
  • Decarbonization.

Performance Results

MACHflake packing achieves measurable and significant results. These outcomes include high-efficiency removal rates of over 99% for groundwater air stripping and energy savings of over 50% versus plastic saddle media in traditional tower systems.

Product Options

Our premium MACHflake packing features plastic construction and comes in standard sizing with a high void fraction and light weight per square foot.

The professionals at MACH Engineering are committed to helping you find the ideal packing solution for your unique needs with expert product design services. Additional sizes and construction materials may be available through our custom engineering advice and manufacturing partnerships. Connect with a MACH Engineering specialist for more details.

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