Buying Vs Renting a Packed Tower Scrubber

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Packed tower scrubbers remove gas and particulate pollutants from exhaust fumes produced by industrial facilities. Facilities have different needs when it comes to packed tower scrubbing. Several factors influence the choice of a scrubbing system, including the duration needed for scrubbing, the specific application, whether it’s time to replace your existing scrubber and more.

Some industrial applications might be better suited for a packed tower scrubber rental rather than buying, whereas other facilities need a permanent packed tower scrubber system. Understanding your application and specific requirements can help you find the best solution.

Features and Applications of Packed Tower Scrubbers

Before industrial exhaust streams can meet regulations for being safely released into the environment, they must be scrubbed of their various contaminants. Packed tower scrubbers are a standard solution to this challenge, effectively removing certain pollutants from the exhaust stream. A packed tower scrubber is a large tower packed with layers of various scrubber packing media. Facilities use specific types of packing media depending on their application and other conditions.

Industrial facilities can use wet or dry industrial scrubbers to separate contaminants from exhaust fumes. However, wet scrubbers are more commonly used across all types of industries because of their effectiveness in removing acids, particulate matter and other inorganic contaminants. Packed tower scrubbers can also handle explosive and flammable gases.

Industrial wet scrubbers remove pollution by absorbing solid and gas pollutants in contaminated gas using water or a water-based solvent. The exhaust gas or fumes enter the tower through the bottom and flow through the packing as the scrubbing liquid is distributed through packing media. The solvent droplets collect pollutants, and the scrubber releases the clean gas.

Here are a few applications for packed tower scrubbers:

  • Electricity production
  • Consumer goods manufacturing
  • Food and agriculture
  • Asphalt plants
  • Steel mills
  • Electroplating
  • Acid plants
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Chemical processing
  • Ethanol production
  • Landfills
  • Wastewater treatment
What are the pros and cons of renting a packed tower scrubber?

Pros and Cons of Renting a Packed Tower Scrubber

While scrubbing industrial exhaust and fumes is vital for any industrial facility, some may be uncertain whether a permanent packed tower scrubber is necessary for their application. Consider the pros and cons of a packed tower scrubber rental and when it might be the best option for your facility.

Pros of Packed Tower Scrubber Rentals

Renting a packed tower scrubber helps industrial facilities maintain peak productivity when a permanent packed tower scrubber is unnecessary. Consider the following pros of wet scrubber rentals:

  • Efficient scrubbing for a lower price: Rentals are designed to provide highly efficient exhaust fume scrubbing in heavy-duty applications. Wet scrubbers for rent can effectively remove multiple contaminants, providing pollutant removal for a lower price than installing a permanent scrubber.
  • Enhanced operational versatility for the short term: When facilities need short-term scrubbing, a packed tower scrubber rental is the best solution. Scrubbing tower rentals are portable and maneuverable, making them easy to integrate into an existing system.
  • Ability to try the scrubber before purchasing: With a rental, industrial facilities can try the scrubber and determine whether it suits their specific needs before purchasing a permanent one. Packed tower scrubbers come in various sizes, so your facility can select the best fit for its requirements.

Cons of Packed Tower Scrubber Rentals

Although renting a packed tower scrubber can be helpful in several situations, it may also involve a few cons:

  • Short-term packed tower scrubbing: Renting a wet scrubber is not ideal in situations that require permanent scrubbing. For example, industrial facilities that need long-term scrubbing, such as wastewater treatment facilities, may find it more cost-effective to purchase and install a permanent packed tower scrubber.
  • Inflexible rental terms: If an industrial facility rents a packed tower scrubber for a set period of time but discovers it needs the scrubber longer, it may be difficult to negotiate different rental terms, potentially leaving a gap in productivity.
  • Lack of customization: Packed tower scrubber rentals come in multiple sizes so facilities can select the best option. However, some facilities might require additional customization to meet their specifications. Some rental providers may not offer the customization needed for optimal efficiency.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Packed Tower Scrubber

In some situations, your industrial facility may decide that the best solution to its scrubbing needs is to buy a packed tower scrubber. It’s crucial to consider the advantages and disadvantages before buying one.

Pros of Purchasing a Packed Tower Scrubber

Compared with renting packed scrubber towers, buying a scrubber system offers the following pros:

  • Permanent packed tower scrubbing solution: Buying a wet scrubber is ideal when your application demands permanent exhaust fume scrubbing. Many industrial facilities need around-the-clock scrubbing to ensure peak operational efficiency. In these applications, buying a packed tower scrubber provides enhanced throughput and reduces downtime.
  • Greater customization options for the scrubber: When industrial facilities have unique requirements, buying a customized wet scrubber system enables them to benefit from a customized scrubbing solution. Customization enhances operations by providing a scrubber that meets exact specifications.
  • Improved regulatory compliance: Specific industries face stricter regulations regarding exhaust quality control. While packed tower scrubber rentals provide the same scrubbing efficiency as permanent scrubber systems, buying a packed tower scrubber enables facilities to comply with regulations over the long term.

Cons of Purchasing a Packed Tower Scrubber

Buying and installing a packed tower scrubber may have a few cons, depending on your facility’s specific needs:

  • Higher upfront cost than renting: Because renting a packed tower scrubber usually involves a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, the cost is often lower than buying a scrubber system outright. Although cost isn’t the only consideration when determining the best packed tower scrubber system for your industrial facility, it can impact the decision.
  • Permanent need for additional systems: Installing a packed tower scrubber could mean that your facility also has to consider installing other systems as well. For example, wet scrubbers require a method for disposing of wastewater.
  • Future maintenance costs: Wet scrubbers can experience corrosion, and buying may come with future maintenance needs compared to renting.

Rent or Buy: What’s Best for You?

Deciding whether to rent or buy a packed tower scrubber is a significant decision that must be made by examining your industrial facility’s unique requirements. Factors such as the length of time your facility needs a packed tower scrubber, your familiarity with wet scrubbers and your applications and specifications all influence the decision.

Here are a few questions to consider when choosing between packed tower scrubber renting and buying.

How long do you need the packed tower scrubber?

Buying and installing a permanent scrubber system is likely the best solution for long-term demands. A wet scrubber rental is ideal when your facility has a short-term need, such as when waiting for a permanent packed tower scrubber to be designed and requiring a temporary solution to fill the gap or testing out a new process before committing to it. Renting might also be a good solution if your facility has never used an industrial scrubber before and wants to see how it works. Organizations should also look into the top factors that affect wet scrubber performance and ensure they are prepared for the maintenance required.

Do you require customization?

If your industry or application has precise specifications or unique requirements, a customized packed tower scrubber could be the solution. Some providers, including MACH Engineering, offer customization for rental and permanent scrubber systems. When considering whether to rent or buy, determine how much the provider can customize each system and work with the provider to learn which type of industrial scrubber best meets your needs.

How familiar is your facility with packed tower scrubbers?

Facilities that have never used packed tower scrubbers before may want to rent before they buy. Choosing to rent allows them to determine whether the equipment can help with their application and offers time to learn about wet scrubber maintenance requirements.

Contact MACH Engineering for packed tower scrubber options.

Learn More About Packed Tower Scrubber Options From MACH Engineering

Whether you want to rent or buy a packed tower scrubber system, MACH Engineering provides the options your facility needs. Our packed tower scrubbers for rent come with flexible terms, from daily to long-term. Rental wet scrubber units efficiently remove particulates and gases from exhaust fumes, meeting short-term scrubbing needs.

MACH Engineering also offers scrubber system customization and engineering services. Our engineers design wet scrubbers based on our clients’ specific needs and applications for peak efficiency. We also professionally install equipment to reduce downtime.

When your industrial facility needs efficient packed tower scrubbing, trust MACH Engineering for quality engineering and service. For help determining the right packed tower scrubber for your specifications, contact MACH Engineering today.

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