Plastic Structured Packing

Plastic structured packing plays a vital role in tower internals, providing a larger surface area and lower gas flow resistance. It has a honeycomb-style structure and may be made of various plastics, including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and polypropylene.

Whether you’re retrofitting an existing tower or conforming to a new design requirement, MACH Engineering is your destination to meet project demands for efficiency and performance. We offer an extensive lineup of material and configuration options from market-leading manufacturers to meet your plastic structured packing needs.

Plastic Structured Tower Packing
Packing Specs

Plastic structured packing enjoys a tradition of industry use as a way to increase opportunities for vapor and liquid contact. Different surface textures are also available for more application-specific needs. For example, optional small surface holes can boost mass transfer, while no-perforation selections provide increased stiffness in applications requiring less separation.

The distinctive honeycomb design and inherent properties of the underlying construction material make structured plastic a lightweight packing option that prevents excessive liquid retention. Additionally, plastic supports higher void volumes, which contributes to maintaining lower pressure drops.

With its built-in framework, plastic structured packing is perfect for layering and customizing to your tower space. Unlike random packing options, these designs pile neatly within the tower and are easily removable for changing and maintenance.

Void Ratio <96 % <96 % <96 % <96 %
Specific Surface Area (m2/m3) 240 240 150 125
Channel Inclination 45° 60° 60° 55°
Layer height (m) 305 305 305 305

Available in PP or PVC


Plastic structured packing has numerous benefits as a tower internal. These include:

  • Low density: Plastic structured packing permits required contact between gases and liquids with reduced bulk density and multiphase contact capability.
  • High efficiency levels: A larger surface area means lower energy consumption, and multiple layers can further enhance performance.
  • Corrosion resistance: By nature, plastic structured packing features high corrosion resistance, making it a longer-lasting option for corrosive-intense applications.
  • Low pressure drops: Beds of this tower internal offer reduced pressure drops compared to random packing.
  • High volatility support: This packing supports more challenging applications where high volatility is necessary for achieving separation.
  • Lower cost: Plastic is generally a more cost-effective packing material than metal, especially when compared to specific alloys or rarer metals.
  • Less foaming: The underlying plastic construction helps prevent excessive foaming during operation.

Combining these benefits with plastic structured packing’s high capacity leads to enhanced operating rates and reduced downtime.


Plastic structured packing is ideal for applications like:

  • Absorption for carbon dioxide, chlorine dioxide, sulfur dioxide and volatile organic compounds.
  • Air separation, deaeration, decarbonization and degassing.
  • Air pollution and odor control, including hydrogen sulfide.
  • Direct-contact coolers, water chillers, humidification and other heat transfer applications.
  • Wastewater treatment, fish farming and drinking water preparation.

Since plastic structured packing handles lower operating temperatures, it can provide economic benefits versus metal, especially in applications requiring alloys and rarer metals. This product can often outperform ceramics and is perfect for additional applications like stripping and scrubbing.

Structured Plastic Packing

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