Packing Support Grid

Packing support grids are also called packing support plates. The main function of these devices is to support the tower packing bed structurally. Packing support grids work in both structured and random packing processes for a wide range of purposes.

The design of MACH Engineering’s packing support grid promotes high-efficiency gas and liquid circulation while reducing the risk of liquid flooding across a system.

Applications of Grid Packing Support

Packing support grids are plates designed for packing within the following tank applications:

  • Sulfuric acid absorption tower
  • Drying tower
  • Cooling tower
  • Fume Scrubbers
  • Air Strippers
  • Distillation Columns

Packing support plates are to be welded onto a tower wall to assist other supportive features, including both support rings and reinforcement bars.

Packing Support Grid

Structured vs. Random Packing Support

In a structured packing system, packing support grids require a basic framework design to hold down packing materials. Structural designs for packing support grids encourage the following actions within control systems:

  • Provide mechanical strength for heavy packing
  • Lend flat support for effective packing
  • Avoid limiting high-performance packing capacity

Random packing systems require support grids with flat bars that clamp to support rings. These designs for packing support grids:

  • Maximize open area
  • Give strength to support deep packing
  • Allow the liquid to flow through the support plate and combine with vapor into packing
packing support

Benefits of Packing Support Plates

All packed beds should contain the support plate. By designing a custom packing support plate with MACH Engineering, you can provide your control system tanks with a number of benefits, including the following:

  • Erase the need for another hold down the platform
  • Avoid the need for added support rings
  • Eliminate interference with liquid distribution across a system
  • Avoid the need for further attachments within a tank, leading to cost savings
  • Gain a structural support and retention method for packed beds
  • Get unrestricted counterflow of liquid and vapor across the system
Packing Support Grid

MACH Engineering Dumped Packing Support Grids

MACH Engineering wants to help your business design the proper packing support grids for your control system. Understanding the pressure drop calculations for your tank will help us contribute to your business process. By working with MACH Engineering, you can ensure that your packing materials reach maximum efficiency and desired results.

If your business is interested in learning more about our products and services, we want to hear from you. Contact MACH Engineering today to discover how incorporating a packing support grid will enhance your control system. Our experienced team of professionals is always here to help.

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