Packed Tower Scrubber Rental

A wet scrubber system is essential for any industrial facility — without a scrubber to remove harmful materials from exhaust gases, operations cannot continue. However, we also understand that circumstances may make a permanent wet scrubber unnecessary. To help industrial facilities maintain productivity in these situations, MACH Engineering offers packed tower scrubber rentals.

Our portable rental wet scrubber units effectively remove a variety of vapors from exhaust fumes, including hydrochloric acid, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and nitrogen oxide.

Complete Wet Scrubber Systems for Rent

For your convenience, our acid gas wet scrubber rentals come with everything you need to clean exhaust fumes at your facility. Each rental scrubber includes a blower and conductivity sensors for scrubber control, as well as the safety mechanisms you expect from any packed tower scrubber. We offer both large and small options, so you can choose an acid vapor scrubber rental that aligns with your facility’s exhaust production and budget.

When you receive everything in one package, you can set up the scrubber and get back to work quickly.

Wet Scrubber Design and Consultation Services

In addition to offering wet scrubber rentals, MACH Engineering provides a range of scrubber design and consultation services. In many cases, our knowledgeable engineers can modify or custom-design a wet scrubber system to accommodate your specific industry and application. Our engineers can install the equipment they design as well and ensure it functions properly from day one.

A rental scrubber can also compensate for a missing permanent system while you wait for us to complete your wet scrubber column.

Our Wet Scrubber Rental Terms

We offer flexible rental terms, so you can keep a rental wet scrubber for as long as you need it and no longer. Choose a daily, weekly, monthly or long-term rental option depending on your anticipated requirements. If you are not sure which rental option will most benefit your business, we can help you make an informed decision.

Contact MACH Engineering to Learn More

Whether you need to rent a packed tower scrubber for a few days or a few months, MACH Engineering will work hard to meet your needs. View the types of scrubber rentals we have available or contact us for more information.

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