MACH Cascade Bio-Media

MACH Cascade Bio-Media are a form of bio-media made out of polypropylene. These rings are excellent in both partial and total trickling filter processes for wastewater treatment. The devices come in various shapes and sizes depending on customer preference, and the rings completely submerge in growth reactors.

Our cascade bio-rings provide optimum surface area for biomass generation and unwanted material to pass in tower systems. For additional information, please refer to our MACH Cascade Bio-Media specification sheet.

MACH Cascade Bio-Media

Cascade bio-ring equivalents from MACH Engineering excel in random packing environments. The vertical layout of these rings allows liquids to pass freely through the cylinder shape. Solid materials get washed away through this process as cascade bio-rings carry effective fouling resistance.

These cascade bio-rings showcase a high separation effect. The device has a much larger capacity and is more efficient compared to other bio-media materials on the market. Aside from filtering wastewater, MACH Cascade Bio-Media provides the following benefits to packing and internal tower systems:

  • Easy installation
  • Low aspect ratio
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Solid outer construction strength

MACH Engineering Cascade Bio-Media is the ideal solution for internal tower systems. Our products assist in the following processes for wastewater treatment:

  • Organic acid separation
  • Desulfurization system operation
  • Carbon dioxide removal
  • Absorption
  • Extraction
  • Heat transfer
Low Maintenance Solutions

Our cascade rings and bio-media materials are effective and easy to clean. Also, these rings assist in the growth of helpful bacteria. Over time, these devices collect unwanted material, as liquid constantly flows through them.

Fortunately, MACH Cascade Bio-Media do not require much effort to keep them in working condition. Depending on how often the rings are used, monitor the devices for any excess buildup. When this buildup occurs, remove the cascade rings and place them in water to remove the issue.

You don’t want to scrub the cascade bio-rings, as doing so will remove the helpful bacteria living on the outer coating. By the end of the cleansing process, your cascade bio-rings may still look dirty. As long as water can move through the devices, they still remain effective.

If replacement cascade bio-ring media is necessary, remember that MACH Engineering is always here to help.

Contact Us for MACH Cascade Bio-Media

MACH Engineering specializes in odor control systems, air/water emission control vessels, and wastewater treatment solutions. We offer a quick turnaround on all deliveries and installations, and our experienced team works to meet each customer’s need and application.

If your control system tower could benefit from cascade bio-ring media, be sure to contact MACH Engineering today.

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