MACH Bio-media


Biological filter media consists of molded pieces of recycled polypropylene that enhance the efficiency of the water treatment process. Users have the option of spherical or tube-like shapes to assist in the cleaning and filtration of water systems. Ideal for random packing procedures, bio-media packing adds ventilation and increases aerobic reactions taking place within tanks.

 MACH Engineering offers biological filter media as an alternative to mineral-based solutions for wastewater treatment. For additional information, please review our MACH Bio-Media specification sheet.

Mach Bio media
Benefits of MACH Bio-Media Wastewater Treatment

​MACH Bio-Media increases the capacity of trickling filters in a system by making contact with wastewater. There is little recirculation of water required, as the media is resistant to clogging.

Biological filter media is light in weight and easy to install. With interlocking capabilities, fins across our products take up a greater surface area in water systems. Bio-ring media encourages the growth of helpful bacteria such as protozoa and fungi that will decompose organic content.

Exposing wastewater to bio-ring media is a low-maintenance process. Our materials act as a long-term solution for filtration, as additional spokes provide extra strength to each structure. MACH Engineering Bio-Media is cost-effective and will immediately provide results in any wastewater treatment.

Applications of Bio-Ring Wastewater Treatment

Biological filter media is extremely effective across wastewater practices. MACH Engineering offers different shapes of materials to suit the surface area of a working system. Our bioproducts are useful in the following applications:

  • Improving rock/mineral filters
  • Decreasing biochemical oxygen demand in trickling filters
  • Nitrification
  • Organic removal
  • Denitrification
  • Detoxification

Aside from wastewater treatment, biomaterials are commonly seen in household aquariums and outdoor ponds. Depending on intended use, biological media thrives in applications with the following conditions:

  • Temperatures above 55°F
  • Ammonia or nitrate present
  • Oxygen supply

Biological filter media operates within harsh conditions and carries corrosion resistance for full submersion in water. MACH Engineering biodevices perform in both aerobic and anaerobic functions for water treatment and filtration.

MACH Bio-Media Wastewater Treatment at MACH Engineering

If your business is looking to enhance its wastewater treatment practices, remember that installing MACH Bio-Media is the best alternative to traditional filtering methods. Our products feature customizable options to best suit your filtration practice.

MACH Engineering designs odor control systems, air/water emission control vessels and water treatment applications. We cater to our clients’ specific needs and provide a quick turnaround for immediate use. If your business is interested in bio-ring media, contact MACH Engineering today to speak with one of our experienced team members for more information.

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