Knitted Wire Structured Packing

MACH Engineering knitted structured packing is available in different materials and configurations to support multiple potential processes. Our wire mesh structured packing is comparable to competitor alternatives, like GOODLOE® Style 773 and suitable for many of the same applications.

Knitted wire structured packing is a type of industrial packing consisting of between four and 12 strands of metal or polymer knitted together and folded to fit in a tower. Knitted packing’s unique design creates a variety of surfaces and paths for vapor to pass through.

Knitted Wire Structured Packing
Features and Characteristics - Knitted Wire Structured Packing

MACH Engineering knitted structured packing is a proven technology with a long history of use in the industry. Our wire mesh structured packing works in a wide range of operating conditions and temperatures, with different material and design choices offering different characteristics. Our knitted structured packing comes in 304 and 316 stainless steel.

Densities range from 27.5 to 20.1 lb/ft3, with void percentages between 94.5 and 96. Polymer knitting is affordable and chemically inert, though it is not suited to certain high-temperature applications. Metal knitting is more expensive but more durable, especially in demanding applications.

For more information about different materials and the advantages they offer, contact MACH Engineering directly.


Specific use cases for knitted structured packing include:

  • Difficult separations with many theoretical stages that can benefit from higher efficiency rates
  • Pharmaceutical, food and beverage and other heat-sensitive chemical processing applications that require minimal pressure drops
  • Corrosive chemical processing applications that require durable materials and system designs
  • Multi-purpose batch distillation towers that process a wide range of materials with different properties and characteristics
  • Any tower installation with limited physical space and headroom

In addition to knitted tower packing, MACH Engineering also designs Tri-Packs®, Pall Rings, Hi-Rings and related packing materials. Because we don’t specialize in one product exclusively, we’re well-positioned to recommend the best option for your needs.


Knitted structured packing permits a high ratio of surface area to volume, which in turn improves efficiency by keeping pressure drop to a minimum. Select products can produce HETP (height equivalent to a theoretical plate) values as low as 3 inches in pilot columns, or 4 inches in high-vacuum services. This capability enables a variety of space-saving engineering possibilities.

The use of fine wires optimizes mixing and mass transfer efficiency by spreading liquids into thin streams and maximizing contact with vapor throughout the column. It also promotes uniform liquid distribution. Turndown ratios can be as high as 20:1.

Finally, knitted structured packing is easy to install, remove and retrofit while remaining highly durable and cost-effective.

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