Gas Distributor Sparger

Gas distributor spargers are primary tools for when a vapor feed needs consistent distribution across the tower area. These devices are most frequently used to incorporate vapor feed toward the base of the control system and between beds. Installed at the base of a system, gas distributors reduce tower height. Including the devices between beds will keep vapor flowing evenly when you’re combining liquid from beds below.

Factors such as a system’s flow rate and inlet size influence just how effective gas distributors handle pressure drops and vapor circulation. MACH Engineering gas distributors produce an average turndown of about 4:1. This average will be higher or lower based on a system’s pressure dropping capability.

Gas Distributor Sparger

Benefits of Vapor Distributors

Vapor distributors are simple devices to understand, and they’re the perfect addition to control system tanks, as they disperse gases in liquids through small pores. Gas spargers work to create smaller openings than drilled tubes for gas and liquid contact, which decreases the time and effort required in the process of combining gas feeds in liquid bases.

MACH Engineering spargers allow users to combine vapors into liquids at specific entry points. Our gas spargers are corrosion-resistant and stand against various process temperatures.

Factors to Consider: Gas Distributor Spargers

MACH Engineering will help your business select the proper sparger for your control system tank. Our products can be made of metal, plastics or fiberglass, but the size of your installation is dependent on several key factors.

Together, gas flow, pressure, temperature, air compressor strength and gas exiting velocity will determine the size of your gas distributor sparger. The design, size and placement of a sparger relates to the process occurring around it. If you’re unsure about the specifications of your working environment, MACH Engineering will be happy to help.

Uses of Gas Spargers

On a small scale, gas spargers are seen on household items such as aquarium tanks. These devices add the correct level of dissolved oxygen in the water for fish. Additionally, the concept of a sparger is regularly seen in carbonating drinks and preserving packaged foods.

On a larger scale, gas spargers are used in chemistry and the following industries for effective gas/liquid transfer:

  • Steel refining
  • Water treatment
  • Water purification
  • Fermentation
  • Hydrogenation

Contact MACH Engineering for Vapor Distributors

A vapor distributor in your business process could be the missing component for maximum efficiency within your systems. We run process simulations to determine what vapor distributor will work best for your system and application. If your business is interested in learning more about gas spargers for control system tanks, be sure to contact MACH Engineering for more information about our products and services.

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