Chevron Mist Eliminator

Mist eliminators, as the name implies, are designed to remove moisture in industrial processes where liquids and gases come in contact. Several types are available, with different designs suitable for various applications. Chevron mist eliminators, also known as vane-type or baffle-type mist eliminators, are among the most common and offer reliable performance in high liquid load and high capacity processes.

MACH Engineering manufactures chevron mist eliminators capable of removing droplet sizes as small as 10 microns. If you’re interested in learning more about our vane-type mist extractors, call us at (281) 550-3232.


Product Overview

MACH chevron mist eliminators consist of rows of parallel plates, or vanes, arranged in a zigzag formation. As a gas passes through the plates, mist impinges and coalesces on the vane surface, then drains downward, efficiently removing liquid from the stream. Vane-type mist extractors can be used for vertical and horizontal gas flows.

We manufacture our products in horizontal and vertical sections that install in manways of various sizes. Several material choices are available, with options available for use in high temperatures and highly corrosive environments. For more information regarding the appropriate material choice for a given application or to discuss a vane mist eliminator design, contact a MACH Engineering representative directly.

Benefits of Chevron Mist Eliminators

Vane mist extractors are essential for reducing product loss due to contamination, improving purity and output capacity, minimizing pollution and protecting equipment from damage over time. Choosing the right mist eliminator is essential to preventing inefficiencies and ensuring productivity across your operation.

Compared to other designs, chevron mist eliminators offer excellent performance at an affordable price point. Their design makes them suitable for use in high-velocity and high-capacity applications, as well as in processes where a wire-mesh type product would clog easily. They offer good turndown characteristics and the lowest pressure drop of any mist eliminator design. Their versatility — and the range of materials and configurations MACH Engineering offers — makes them a smart choice for many applications.

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Potential applications for MACH’s high-performance chevron mist eliminators include:

  • Utility flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems, and other applications requiring high capacity, low-pressure drop mist eliminators with excellent resistance to fouling
  • Phosphoric and sulfuric acid plants, or other facilities producing sulfuric acid mist byproduct in drying, intermediate and final absorption towers
  • Crude oil refinery vacuum towers, where they are frequently installed in interstage knock-outs to extend compressor life
  • Pulp and paper mills, sugar refineries, chemical plants and other facilities, where they are installed in evaporators to ensure steam condensate purity
  • Upstream and downstream refineries and gas processing facilities, where they allow for improved throughput while prolonging catalyst life
  • Pickling lines, steel mills and foundries
  • Any other dirty services or high fouling applications

If you’re unsure which type of mist eliminator is best for your facility, or if you need a custom product engineered for a specialized application, MACH can help.

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MACH Engineering has more than 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-performance mist eliminators and other tower internals. We offer personalized service, fast turnaround times and high-quality products for demanding industrial clients. Learn more about our chevron and vane-type mist eliminators by contacting us to request a consultation, obtain a quote or place an order.

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