Ceramic Saddles

MACH Engineering ceramic Super Saddles draw inspiration from the similarly named INTALOX® product, but offer a higher surface area for improved mass transfer and other benefits. Our product features quality construction and affordable pricing, and is available in a range of sizes for different applications.

Ceramic Super Saddles are one of the most cost-effective types of tower packing on the market today. Their simplicity and durability reduce operating and maintenance costs while keeping downtime due to cleaning and service to a minimum. Keep reading for more information, or contact MACH Engineering to request a quote.
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Product Details

Our Super Saddles have a curved, half-ring shape with ridged walls on either side — similar to a rainbow or saddle. This design prevents packing materials from nesting on top of one another, maintaining superior flow and gas-liquid transfer.

Ceramic Super Saddles’ smooth surface adds to their inherent resistance to harsh chemicals. Durable ceramic offers excellent mechanical strength, too.

We manufacture our ceramic Super Saddles in the following sizes:

  • Ceramic Super Saddles
    Ceramic Super Saddles

    1″, with an 86% void fraction, 79.3 ft2/ft3 surface area and 31.8 lb/ft3 weight

  • 1 1/2″, with an 84% void fraction, 64 ft2/ft3 surface area and 30.2 lb/ft3 weight
  • 2″, with an 84% void fraction, 42.7 ft2/ft3 surface area and 33.6 lb/ft3 weight
  • 3″, with a 72% void fraction, 32 ft2/ft3 surface area and 36.2 lb/ft3 weight

For more information or assistance choosing the best ceramic Super Saddle for your application, get in touch with one of our engineers. We offer a range of additional services, including process simulation, that can help you make a more informed choice.

Main Benefits

The main benefit of our ceramic Super Saddle ring packing is its efficiency and effectiveness at mass transfer applications. It is suitable for high-capacity use and can deliver minimal pressure drop, as well as even distribution with minimal risk of nesting.

Ceramic is an excellent choice for tower packing thanks to its smooth surface and chemical resistance. Use our ceramic saddle packing in high and low temperatures or other demanding applications. They are chemically stable and resistant to corrosion from exposure to inorganic and organic acids, and most organic solvents, with the exception of hydrofluoric acid. Plastic Super Saddles are also available.

Industry Applications

Our product, like INTALOX® ceramic Super Saddles, is widely used in chemical processing, environmental, pharmaceutical, fertilizer and metallurgical plants and other industrial applications. It is suitable for filter, cooling, washing and recovering towers, RTO equipment, drying and absorbing columns, and other vessels.

Why MACH Engineering?

MACH Engineering is a dedicated leader in tower packing materials. With subtle improvements on Koch-Glitsch’s ceramic Super Saddle design, we’ve been able to engineer a product that delivers better performance while retaining the same desirable physical properties — and price point — of the original design.

Find out for yourself the benefits of choosing MACH Engineering ceramic Super Saddle rings. Call us at our Houston, TX, head office at (281) 550-3232 to get in touch with a representative, request a quote and place an order. You can also use the form on our contact page to reach out by email.

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