The Major Types of Industrial Scrubbers

May 12, 202117080 Views

Jump Ahead: What Are Industrial Scrubbers? How Industrial Scrubbers Are Used to Protect the Environment Types of Industrial Scrubbers Wet Scrubbers Dry Scrubbers Electrostatic Precipitators For decades, industrial scrubbers have provided an effective means of purifying exhaust streams produced in manufacturing plants, power stations and other industrial facilities, and modern scrubbers can remove pollutants more […]

Selecting a Suitable Structured Packing

Apr 9, 20212939 Views

Facilities like processing plants, offshore drilling locations and refineries often perform chemical separation functions, also called mass transfer functions. In these functions, liquids such as gasoline and water are purified of contaminants. This process is accomplished by pumping liquids into a scrubber column, where the liquid is separated from pollutants and particulates. These facilities use […]

How to Implement a Successful Refinery Safety Plan

Mar 5, 20214011 Views

Refinery safety plan best practices include establishing elements required in the plan, determining enforcement and creating the program. Each refinery has unique needs. Therefore, every safety plan must conform to the specific requirements of the site. Additionally, safety plans need regular reevaluation to ensure they remain up-to-date with the latest technology changes and industry requirements. […]

Guide to Tower Internals

Nov 17, 20202739 Views

Jump Ahead: Understanding Tower Layouts What Are Tower Internals? How to Select Tower Internals Based on Pressure and Applications The internal components directly impact the efficiency of a tower, and different applications require specialized internals. Use this tower internal selection guide to learn more about the components in a tower and how to choose the […]

Achieving Good Packed Tower Efficiency

Oct 14, 20201602 Views

In air and water pollution control equipment, as well as in odor control equipment such as scrubbers and air strippers, efficiency is essential to performance. Some packed tower wet scrubbers, for instance, can achieve 99% removal efficiencies or higher for inorganic compounds and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Figures like that require careful calibration of various […]

What Is A Random Packed Column? Designing a Random Packed Column

Sep 18, 202012577 Views

Jump Ahead: What Is a Packed Column? The Uses of Packed Columns Advantages of Packed Columns Components of a Packed Column What Packing Materials Are Used for Packed Columns? Packed Column Design Procedures Selecting the Size and Type of Packing Determining the Height of a Packed Column Determining the Column Diameter Selecting and Designing the […]

Guide to Selecting Random Tower Packing

May 21, 20206313 Views

Jump Ahead: What Are Types of Packing in a Packed Column and What Are Their Uses? What Is Random Tower Packing? What Are the Uses of Random Tower Packing? When Is Random Packing Used? How Is Random Packing Used? Applications of Random Packing Media Where Is Random Packing Used? Types of Random Packing Media Random […]

Guide to Wet Scrubber Maintenance

Feb 17, 20208344 Views

Jump Ahead: The Importance of Maintenance Routine Wet Scrubber Preventative Maintenance Daily Wet Scrubber Maintenance Tasks Weekly Wet Scrubber Maintenance Tasks Quarterly Wet Scrubber Maintenance Tasks Semi-Annual Wet Scrubber Maintenance Tasks Pre-Startup Maintenance Checklist Preventative Maintenance Record-Keeping Planned Wet Scrubber Preventative Maintenance Reactive Wet Scrubber Maintenance Custom Fume Scrubber Maintenance Hydrogen Sulfide Scrubbers Carbon Dioxide […]

Best Practices for Column Packing and Internal Installation

Dec 6, 20192982 Views

Conducting proper column packing and column internal installation are essential for maximal tower performance. It also helps form trouble-free startups and simple shutdowns. The performance of the packed column relies on the quality of its column internals. Therefore, improper installation can create operating issues and cause the column to fall short of the anticipated efficiency. […]


Dec 12, 2018581 Views

One of such treatment processes like solar irradiation is designed, to be implemented in rural areas where people have minimal access to clean water. Solar irradiation can remove a wide range of organic chemical and pathogenic organisms by direct exposure. A big advantage of using this treatment is the absence of harmful by-products at the […]