Should You Rent or Buy a Packed Tower Scrubber? 

Mar 8, 20233499 Views

  Packed tower scrubbers remove gas and particulate pollutants from exhaust fumes produced by industrial facilities. Facilities have different needs when it comes to packed tower scrubbing. Several factors influence the choice of a scrubbing system, including the duration needed for scrubbing, the specific application and more. Some industrial applications might be better suited for […]

MACH Pall Rings vs. Raschig Rings

Dec 13, 2022135 Views

Ring packing is a common technique used in processing plants, wastewater treatment facilities, refineries and offshore drilling operations to separate contaminants from gas and other liquids. Ring packing uses rings dumped inside a separation column that increases the surface area for liquid and vapor contact and enables fast and efficient chemical separation. Selecting the best […]

Top Water Pollution Control Equipment

Dec 13, 202291 Views

Everyone deserves healthy, clean water to complete daily activities such as showering and cooking. Unfortunately, water pollution can make it impossible for both people and wildlife to access clean water, making everyday life incredibly difficult. Understanding how water contamination occurs and the ways you can help prevent it is essential to make changes that uplift […]

Causes, Risks and Solutions of Acidic Water

Mar 29, 2022450 Views

Understanding the causes, risks and solutions of acidic water can help you maintain the pH and acidity levels of water within your system. Different industrial applications rely on neutralized water, whether you work in aquaculture, food and beverage, hydroponics, wastewater treatment or pool water installations. The acidity vs. alkalinity levels of water are the difference […]

6 Major Causes of Air Pollution and Most Common Pollutants

Mar 25, 20223862 Views

Climate change and the ozone layer have been at the forefront of conversations for the past couple of years. But people often don’t know what is causing climate change, let alone are they discussing prevention methods. Air pollution is the leading cause of recent environmental changes we’ve seen. Crucial to our planet’s ecosystems thriving, the ozone […]

3 Types of Mist Eliminators for Wet Scrubbers

Nov 24, 2021686 Views

Mist eliminators, or demisters, play an essential role in removing mists and other liquids generated during industrial and manufacturing processes. During these processes, droplets of water and other molecules may become trapped in the air or gas, resulting in entrapment. As environmental protection regulations have increased, the use of mist eliminators has risen to meet […]

Comparing Air and Steam Stripping

Nov 11, 2021358 Views

High concentrations of ammonia and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in wastewater pose a significant risk to the environment. That’s why so many industries have turned to wastewater stripping techniques to remove these harmful substances from their water streams. There are two primary types of wastewater stripping processes — air stripping and steam stripping. Though both […]

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Scrubber

Oct 28, 2021164 Views

Companies in various industrial settings utilize scrubbers to lower air pollution by scrubbing away harmful gases and particulates in industrial exhausts. Wet scrubbers are the most commonly used type of scrubber, designed to use liquid to wash pollutants out of a gas stream. Any scrubber will eventually need to be replaced, especially if it’s not […]

Wet vs. Dry Industrial Scrubbers for Air Pollution

Oct 6, 2021836 Views

Wet and dry scrubbers both work to reduce air pollution by treating exhaust gases. However, there are differences between the mechanisms each type of scrubber uses and thepollutants they best neutralize. Choosing which type of scrubber to invest in for your air pollution control requires knowing how these systems work and their pros and cons. […]

8 Factors That Affect Wet Scrubber Performance

Sep 8, 2021244 Views

For a high-efficiency wet scrubber to perform as anticipated, it must have the correct setup and maintenance. However, having the proper structure is not the only aspect that affects performance. Issues can still appear after a time of efficient operation. Eight common factors can influence the efficiency and performance of a wet scrubber. Through troubleshooting […]