When choosing random packing media, you must consider several selection factors. Understanding the reasons for using random packing instead of structured or stacked tower packing also plays an important role when servicing a tower. Use this guide to choosing random packing media to aid your selection process. What Are Types of Packing in a Packed … Continue reading “Guide to Selecting Random Tower Packing”

Wet scrubbers help to keep workers safe and the environment clean by removing certain substances from exhaust emissions at industrial facilities. To ensure safety, adequate environmental performance and regulatory compliance, it’s crucial your facility’s wet scrubbers function properly. Maintaining proper operation requires regular maintenance, including routine preventative maintenance, planned preventative maintenance and, sometimes, reactive maintenance. … Continue reading “Guide to Wet Scrubber Maintenance”

Conducting proper column packing and column internal installation are essential for maximal tower performance. It also helps form trouble-free startups and simple shutdowns. The performance of the packed column relies on the quality of its column internals. Therefore, improper installation can create operating issues and cause the column to fall short of the anticipated efficiency. … Continue reading “Best Practices for Column Packing and Internal Installation”

  Facilities such as processing plants, offshore drilling operations, refineries and wastewater treatment facilities often need to perform mass transfer operations. They do this to purify gas and other liquids, as well as to remove pollution and contaminants. Typically, these facilities pump the liquid into columns, where it then undergoes the separation process. These processes can take … Continue reading “Random Packing vs. Structured Packing”

Rising levels of air pollution have become one of the most discussed issues around the globe. Because of this, it’s critical for companies to know that one of the most effective tools against rising carbon emissions and the acidic chemicals being released into the atmosphere has been the use of wet scrubbers. These filters effectively … Continue reading “Wet Scrubbers for Pollution Control”

One of such treatment processes like solar irradiation is designed, to be implemented in rural areas where people have minimal access to clean water. Solar irradiation can remove a wide range of organic chemical and pathogenic organisms by direct exposure. A big advantage of using this treatment is the absence of harmful by-products at the … Continue reading “WASTEWATER TREATMENT METHOD AT ENVIRONMENT’S AID”

Choosing the right type of construction material for the vessel and its components is the key to achieving a high service life of the equipment. At MACH, we can custom fabricate internals to meet the demands of your process. During the maintenance period of one of the vent scrubbers, MACH proposed to replace Monel Internals … Continue reading “CHOOSING THE RIGHT MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION TO AVOID DOWNTIME”

Carbon Dioxide (CO2), one of the universal industrial gases, is mainly produced during the combustion of hydrocarbons also known as fossil fuels. Due to a growing demand for CO2 as a commercial product, it is captured and purified, for transport and beneficial uses at other locations. Among many different uses, refrigeration, and cooling, the casting … Continue reading “CARBON DIOXIDE RELATED APPLICATIONS”

Recently an article was published by Tracey Reeves at John Hopkins University titled, “Flaw Found in water treatment method”. His article got my utmost attention as I currently work for an engineering company that designs separation units concerning many wastewater treatment applications. To design a complete process, we are presented with a list of contaminants … Continue reading “ACHIEVING IMPROVED WATER QUALITY FROM A WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT (WWTP)”

In a chemical process industry, the skill of troubleshooting can be mastered through critically analyzing plant and field operations, understanding the relationship between the process and its equipment, and having in-depth knowledge of engineering fundamentals. Consider Troubleshooting as a Programming Loop Troubleshooting can be thought of as a programming loop where the server, i.e. engineer, … Continue reading “TROUBLESHOOTING: A Complex Programming Loop”

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