Bed Limiter

The main purpose of a bed limiter is to keep the packed bed from moving and maintain the top surface of the bed level. Bed limiters are attached and mounted to the walls of the column or freely positioned on the packing. Similar to support grids, they’re designed in materials including plastic, FRP and metals.

A bed limiter is a structural addition to separation vessel based on the construction and size of a control system support gate.

Understanding Bed Limiters

Bed limiters from MACH Engineering act as retaining devices for separation vessels. These pieces help respond to sudden bed movement shifts, such as pressure surges or a large uprising of liquid and gas. Bed limiters reduce levels of damage and the displacement of packing materials across a system.

The device’s structure and build keep the liquid flowing from the distribution section of a vessel. MACH Engineering recommends including a bed limiter when you’re working with random packing and structured packing that’s susceptible to movement. Typically, bed limiters will exist within the column below the liquid distributor of a vessel.

Bed Limiter

Benefits of a Tower Packing Bed Limiter

Bed limiters are an effective safety precaution for control systems and tanks. Packing retaining grids are helpful to both structured and random packings in the event of a flood. Flooding can be difficult to predict, but bed limiters have the potential to save the top of a bed from becoming fluidized.

Structured vs. Random Packing Hold Down Plates

Bed limiters are useful tools for structured packing that may become displaced during working conditions. Unless a control system operates with a low-temperature drop and little risk of flooding, bed limiters are beneficial devices.

Bed limiters for random packing hold down grids help to reduce the risk of vapor loads fluidizing the top packed bed. When random packing experiences an unexpected condition, pressure greatly increases across a system. The top of a bed almost always becomes fluidized in a random packing flood, but a bed limiter adds more control to a tank.

Controlling random packing in a system is done through either a bed limiter or an anti-migration device.

Contact MACH Engineering for Bed Limiters

MACH Engineering can assist your business in designing the perfect bed limiter for your control system tank. Whether you work with structured or random packing material, we’ll design these devices with customizable material and dimensions.

MACH Engineering works with odor control systems, air and water emission control vessels, water treatment applications and more. If you’re interested in learning more about our products or services, contact us today to see how a bed limiter might enhance your daily practices.

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