Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Scrubber Systems

Power plants and industrial facilities handling fossil fuels and coal must be careful with emissions. State and federal regulations call for levels of pollution control as emitting flue gasses is a threat to the natural environment, workers and those living nearby. Luckily, business owners can reach compliance through MACH Engineering’s Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) wet scrubbing technology.

What’s the Purpose of a Sulfur Dioxide Scrubber?

SO2 scrubber systems filter harmful flue gases regardless of the makeup of engine load, fuel or water alkalinity. MACH Engineering is happy to serve the following industries for the removal of sulfur dioxide with our sulfur dioxide scrubbers:

  • Chemical and food processing
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plating and metal finishing
  • Odor controls
  • Water and wastewater
  • Ethanol production plants
  • Refineries
  • Pulp and paper

Why Filter Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)?

Sulfur dioxide is a common by-product of manufacturing processes. The gas is colorless but emits a foul smell that bothers the nose, throat and lungs. Power generation combustion is the primary source of sulfur dioxide. Processes like trash incineration are also common sources of SO2.

The need for sulfur dioxide filtering with SO2 scrubber systems becomes apparent as larger levels are highly reactive. The gas reacts with other substances across power plants to form adverse compounds such as sulfuric acid, sulfurous acid and sulfate particles.

SO2 Removal Wet Scrubber

Sulfur dioxide scrubber systems from MACH Engineering filter and scrub SO2 emissions from existing plant processes, a process also referred to as “flue-gas desulfurization.” SO2 removal systems use limestone to react with sulfur dioxide before it is released into the environment via emissions. The alkaline reagent absorbs and neutralizes the SO2 and produces calcium sulfite as a byproduct.

Aside from limestone, common reagents for the removal of sulfur dioxide include the following substances:

  • Caustic materials
  • Ammonia
  • Ash
  • Sodium carbonate
  • Seawater
  • Double alkali
SO2 Scrubber

Flue Gas Desulfurization Scrubber Process

Different types of scrubbers can be used in flue-gas desulfurization processes, such as packed bed scrubbers, venturi scrubbers, and spray towers. Packed bed scrubbers are generally less expensive due to their lower pressure drop and more efficient than other types of scrubbers, making this type of scrubber an excellent option for SO2 removal.

Packed bed scrubbers are towers packed with random packing media, mist eliminators, and liquid distributors. Tower packing is selected based on the specific application to maximize liquid-gas contact and efficiently remove SO2. Pall rings, Tri-Packs, and saddles are often suitable choices.

Once installed, flue gases enter the SO2 scrubber. Flue gases are sprayed with a slurry of limestone (or other reagents) and water in a compact tank. Calcium levels react with sulfur dioxide to produce calcium sulfate as a primary by-product, commonly referred to as gypsum. This reaction removes SO2 before it enters the atmosphere.

Once scrubbing, spraying and mist elimination is complete, recirculation pumps salvage limestone and remaining mixtures for future sprays. Our systems aim to reduce waste for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

SO2 Scrubber

SO2 Scrubber Features

MACH Engineering will visit your plant or facility for the design process of your Sulfer Dioxide Scrubber. Our experts consider the following during the consultation for wet systems:

  • Vapor pressures
  • System temperatures
  • Scrub/flow rates
  • Liquid/gas ratio
  • System dimensions
  • Reagent materials
  • pH control
  • Number of scrubbing stages
  • Packing materials — we recommend Tri-Packs & Pall Rings for SO2 scrubbers.
  • Construction materials

MACH Engineering molds the perfect scrubber solution for your current industrial system. Our engineers thoroughly review your specifications and specific application to recommend the most suitable packing materials, SO2 scrubber design, and process.

Contact MACH Engineering for SO2 Scrubbers

MACH Engineering wants to help your business achieve workplace compliance with sulfur dioxide emissions. Our SO2 removal systems mold to your existing equipment as an upgrade to safety and recycling efforts. We offer both complete scrubber systems and components, such as tower packing and internals. Contact MACH Engineering online or call us at (281) 550-3232 today for more information about our products and process simulation services.