Ammonia Stripper

Ammonia Stripper

When you work with wastewater or groundwater, there are many types of pollutants that can contaminate the supply. Ammonia and a variety of other gases and compounds may be present in these waters, making them unusable for certain applications. We solve this challenge by providing ammonia strippers to remove ammonia and additional contaminants from industrial feedwater for customers in North and South America.

Industries and Applications

Ammonia is a gas made of nitrogen and hydrogen molecules which is commonly found naturally in substances such as rainwater and soil. In addition, some forms of the compound play a part in the manufacturing of drugs and cleaning products.

Despite its presence in nature and mainstream markets, concentrated forms of ammonia can be harmful to humans and animals in large amounts. As a result, many industrial applications require the removal of ammonia from feedwater and wastewater.

Whether it is used to make water supply safer for public consumption or to treat industrial feedwater, ammonia air stripping towers are a common method of pollutant removal. Ammonia strippers may be used to purify water in:

  • Municipal applications
  • Energy industry applications
  • Utility Applications

How Do Packed Ammonia Tower Air Strippers Work?

Most NH3 stripping towers operate by forcing air through the water supply and evaporating all the harmful gases or pollutants inside. The process of air stripping is fairly simple. Contaminated water is transferred to the tower, where the stream flows down through the packing. Meanwhile, a fan at the bottom of the tower pushes a clean air stream upward. The air stream picks up the pollutants, which then evaporate and flow to the top of the container. Finally, the decontaminated water moves out through the bottom.

Removing ammonia from a water supply requires a specific adjustment of temperature and pH level in the stripper before the process can begin. High pH and temperature usually equate to higher efficiency during the removal. The type of application and amount of water involved may impact the size of ammonia stripper necessary to deliver the greatest performance.

Features and Benefits

Ammonia Stripper

At MACH Engineering, we offer packed tower air stripper and packed bed air stripper products for industrial leaders who need new ammonia removal solutions. The main benefits of these ammonia strippers are their cost-effectiveness and efficiency. With low pressure drops and fast removal processes, this device provides all the durability and convenience you need to keep corrosive contaminants under control.

As ammonia stripping tower suppliers for a variety of industries, we provide solutions designed to optimize productivity and performance. We have extensive experience working with tower packing, ammonia stripping columns and internals for ammonia strippers, and our products are made to uphold standards of safety. All our engineering and design services can be customized to your specifications.

Materials and Components

We work with metal, ceramic, plastic, fiberglass and other materials to design reliable NH3 stripping tower solutions. Whatever type of system you’re looking for, we’ll work to ensure you receive one that meets all your expectations.

For packed tower air stripper applications, it’s also critical to have the appropriate tower packing material. Most of our customers choose Tri-Packs or Hi-Flow Rings for their ammonia stripper systems, as these products offer superior low pressure drops, durability and performance in major liquid transfers.

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At MACH Engineering, we provide water and air control products for use in a variety of industries. Our level of experience and knowledge in ammonia stripper and tower packing applications allows us to work with many types of products and organizations. We would be pleased to help design the air stripping solution you need, so contact us today.