MACH Engineering Applications

MACH provides quality-engineering design, equipment and services for air and water pollution control. Our products include Fume Scrubbers, Air Strippers, Distillation Towers, Tower Packing, Internals and various other wet scrubber systems.

Ammonia Stripper

When you work with wastewater or groundwater, there are many types of pollutants that can contaminate the supply. Ammonia and a variety of other gases and compounds may be present in these waters, making them unusable for certain applications. Ammonia strippers remove ammonia and additional contaminants from industrial feedwater.

CO2 Degasser

In municipal and industrial settings, the most common cause of acidity in water is aqueous carbon dioxide. CO2 degassing systems strip the CO2 from the water, making it possible to balance the water’s pH level.

Other industries that use CO2 degassing systems include shellfish farming and aquaculture. In these industries, you need to carefully maintain water pH. If not, it can harm the health of the farmed fish.

MACH Engineering supplies all component parts needed for CO2 degassing applications, as well as entire systems.

HCl Scrubber

HCl scrubber systems work to remove HCl from the waste gas stream through absorption and neutralization. As polluted air enters the HCl scrubber system, fine droplets of scrubbing liquid make contact with gases. Clean air is sent back out into the environment, and scrubbing liquid can get recycled for reuse up to a specific saturation point.

MACH Engineering is a full-service company and can supply all of the component parts of HCl scrubber systems. Additionally, our engineers can offer guidance and recommendations regarding the installation of your HCl scrubber.

H2S Scavenger

H2S scavengers or Scrubber systems are most commonly used in hydrocarbon processing facilities to eliminate hydrogen sulfide’s harmful odors and protect plant workers.

The most efficient way to refine toxic gases in the hydrocarbon industry is to implement H2S scavenger systems from MACH Engineering. We help business owners fulfill product and process guidelines for a safer workplace.

NOx Scrubber

Industrial facilities and power plants dealing with nitrogen oxides (NOx) must consider the dangers of emitting pollutants into the atmosphere. If left untreated, NOx emissions contribute to environmental smog and acid rain that pose a threat to layers of the ozone.

Multi-stage scrubbers from MACH Engineering keep nitrogen oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in compliance with state and federal regulations for a safer workplace.

Oxygen Deaerator

Deaerator systems are essential components in a variety of industrial applications. Without one of these high-functioning devices, your water tanks or vessels could be vulnerable to harmful gases — such as oxygen and carbon dioxide — that can cause corrosion.

SO2 Scrubber

Power plants and industrial facilities handling fossil fuels and coal must be careful with emissions. State and federal regulations call for levels of pollution control as emitting flue gasses is a threat to the natural environment, workers and those living nearby. Luckily, business owners can reach compliance through MACH Engineering sulfur dioxide scrubber systems.

Steam Stripping

Some industrial processes produce contaminated wastewater, either from organic compounds, dissolved gasses or other matter. In these cases, you need to use some kind of scrubber to prevent those organic compounds from polluting the local environment. A steam stripping column is one of these scrubbing methods.

Water Only Scrubber

When gas is contaminated with water-soluble organic compounds — such as ethanol, propanol, acetone and formaldehyde — it’s often scrubbed with a water-only scrubber. Water-only scrubbers use water as a solvent to strip gas of organic contaminants.